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DIABLOSPORT DBL9300 Trinity 2 Engine Tuner Dodge Vehicles

DIABLOSPORT DBL9300 Trinity 2 Engine Tuner Dodge Vehicles

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2003-2014 Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep Vehicles, L4/V6/ V8 Engines. The Trinity 2 is the most advanced performance programmer of its kind. Featuring full re-flash and reprogram capabilities, advanced data acquisition, and customizable gauges, the Trinity 2 allows users to tune their vehicle to add additional horse-power, torque, improve throttle response and overall drivability. The 5" full color, high definition monitor can be customized by the user to what vehicle information is the most important. Multiple configurations can be switched back and forth depending on driving conditions or different users. The Trinity 2 will provide an increase of up to 100 horsepower on diesel engines and 90 horsepower on gas vehicles. Switched to the economy tune for best miles per gallon or towing mode for hauling equipment or towing a trailer.

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